The Frozen Meat Section

The thermometer is hovering around one this week in Missoula, but that can’t stop an eager angler from freezing up the guides on the rod every once in a while.

Cast, freeze, cast, freeze- hell with it!

With plenty of wade spots in shouting distance of downtown Missoula, you never know when a nice riverside walk can result in a trout. But with subzero temps and ice flows frothing up the water at Kelly Island, the view from the couch is looking like the better option these days!


This chunk belongs in the frozen meat section of your local grocery store.
For those desperate anglers willing to cast between ice drifts, invest in some non-stick spray for those rod guides, and choose your days wisely. A little sun can make all the difference out there, but dressing warm is the name of the game. Take it from Neal and Del, you don’t want to be outside right now. With that in mind, more tying to come…
Neal: “What do you think the temperature is?”
Del: “One.”



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