Modern Master: Charlie Craven

Charlie Craven at the vise. Photo via

When it comes to influential tiers these days, the name Charlie Craven is going to come up pretty often with fly tiers, for good reason. Charlie can tie the tough stuff with beautiful detail, and his creations flat out catch fish.

Creator of such well-known patterns as the Two Bit Hooker, the Charlie Boy Hopper, and the Dirty Hippy, Charlie Craven’s a modern master creating patterns that are as beautiful as the fish they catch.
Charlie’s first book, “Charlie Craven’s Basic Fly Tying: Modern Techniques for Flies that Catch Fish” came out in 2008, and belongs in every fly tiers library, alongside his 2010 “Charlie’s Fly Box: Signature Flies for Fresh and Salt Water”. Both books feature awesome patterns and great step by steps throughout.
But for the tier on a budget, Charlie’s done a great favor to the online tying community through his web site at his fly shop, Charlies Fly Box in Denver, Colorado. Through the “Flybox” section, Charlie has produced excellent step by steps for many of the classic patterns, and a few of his own as well. Worth a look for some winter tying inspiration.

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