Clark Fork Coalition’s Volunteer River Corps Kickoff

If you live and fish in the Missoula area, you’ve got the Clark Fork Coalition to thank for their hard work making sure our local rivers are clean, clear and usable. The Clark Fork Coalition’s volunteers work tirelessly to keep the rivers clean, and they need your help. Now is your chance to give back to the rivers, so if you’re looking for a new adventure, ready to roll up you sleeves and get dirty, and want the peace of mind that making a real difference for your home waters can bring- get involved today. And lucky for you, there is an event coming up that promises all of that and free pizza to boot.
The Clark Fork Coalition’s annual Volunteer River Corps Kickoff will be held on February 25th from 5:30 to 7 pm at their Missoula offices, located at 140 South Street West.

Photo courtesy of the Clark Fork Coalition Volunteer River Corps.

What is in store for the Clark Fork Coalition this season? Everything from snowpack monitoring to cleaning up Reserve Street- all for the benefit of anglers and floaters who enjoy Missoula’s waterways. Their work culminates in the biggest cleanup event of the season on the Clark Fork which saw over 900 volunteers last year. The Clark Fork Cleanup will be help April 19th in 2014, and like last year will most likely be Missoula’s biggest volunteer event of the year. So get involved. Free pizza, great work, and who knows maybe you’ll even meet a cute girl ready to hit the water with you this season. Or a cute guy. Whatever. Point is, you’ll have a great time and will be giving a bit back to the waters we love. For more information about the Clark Fork Coalition’s Volunteer River Corps and their Volunteer River Corps Kickoff event be sure to contact their newest Big Sky AmeriCorps member, Kascie Herron at, or call them up at (406)542-0539, ext. 212. And tell them Large Marge sent you. (If you want to sound like a weirdo that still references “Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure” in social settings. If you do this, plan on skipping out on any chances of meeting that cute significant other. But you can still help the rivers, so get on it, freak.)


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