Orvis Instagram Fly Tying Contest

Do you tie flies? Do you have instagram on your mobile device? Do you want to win prizes including a Renzetti Traveler Vise? You should be answering yes to these questions. Easy though, you can do it in your head – no need to scream at your monitor.

Instagram can make even your ugliest flies look good. Too bad the same filters don’t work for ugly fishermen.

During the month of February, the good people over at Orvis are hosting an online contest that is as simple to enter as tying, shooting a quick photo and posting it to instagram with the hashtag #OrvisFlyTying. Don’t have instagram? You can still enter by posting your photo for the world to see at OrvisNews.com. So get on it, get tying, get clicking, get posting, and get your Renzetti before someone else does. As an added bonus, Orvis is offering 20% off all tying materials for the month go February, so stock up, whip up some big uglies and get posting.


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