Chasing Chrome with Red’s Fly Shop

Winter weather is here to stay for the foreseeable future here in Missoula. Which leaves the intrepid angler with limited options for getting their tug fix on. Sure, you can spend hours at the vise, head to the ice and jiggle stick, surf the web for fish porn, but sometimes there just isn’t a substitute for getting out and swinging the old whippin’ stick around. If there’s just no substitute for getting on the water, then you better get out of town and get down on some steel. Not right now, mind you. You need to sit here and do some learning first. For the first timer wanting to get out and swing, once again the internet provides a great starting point. And hey, if you can’t actually get out of town, at least you can plan your next adventure. The good folks at Red’s Fly Shop in the Yakima River Valley in California have done a great short series on YouTube that can serve as a great jumping off point for your weekend’s virtual vacation from the cold stuff. Take a listen.


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