Fly Box: Baby Whitefish Double Bunny

Sure, there’s a little bit of a double bunny thing going on here these days while big meat boxes get filled for the upcoming season and the shelf ice keeps us off the water. That said, this version of the double bunny is one that might not get the attention of the darker olives and browns, but it demands some attention. The baby whitefish version features the same slinky action with a brighter lateral scale and bloodshot eyes that really turn trout heads.

This baby whitefish version of the Double Bunny gets eats
on bright days like Ke$ha gets hangovers. Often and hard.
Photo by Dylan Tucker

Lateral scale is great stuff: wide, crimped flash with a real fishy look. A single strand per side is enough to give this fly just enough flash to go with it’s wiggle. Barbell eyes and .035 lead-free wire help this thing find the bottom, and the chinchilla and white rabbit strips give it subtle contrast and make it easy to pick up in off color water. Here’s a quick rundown of the materials used.

Magnum (1/4″) Rabbit Strips- white for the underbelly, chinchilla on top.


Large barbell eyes and some flashy glue on eyes? Yep.
Big fly thread, big fly lead-free wire, and something sticky and flexible:
Pliobond or Tear Mend work well on rabbit.



Size 4 3XL hooks, and Lateral Scale for flash.

Give this pattern a try, it’s a killer version of a proven fly, and the blend of grey and white works when others won’t.


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