Fly Box: Double Bunny

It’s hard to believe that the idea for one of the most successful flies on western trout waters came to Scott Sanchez while chasing barracuda in Belize. But then again, sometimes the way a brown trout will aggressively chase this fly will surely bring the barracuda to mind. In Scott’s own words, the first time he fished the double bunny, “the lake trout and cutthroats in the Snake river below Jackson Lake were chasing it harder than a politician looking for Florida votes.”

Rabbit fur, flash, eyes and a red UV dub slash at the gills
and you’ve got one mean trout taking fly. Photo by Dylan Tucker

The double bunny has a distinguished pedigree as well, being the winning fly three years in a row at the Jackson Hole One Fly competition is no easy feat. Being so effective that they change the rules to disallow your fly? Even better. That’s right, this fly was so successful as an all-day pattern in the Jackson competition that it prompted a rule change, limiting hook size to size 8 3X long specifically to address how easy this fly made it to catch fish.

Step 1: Get a big meat box.
Step 2: Tie up some double bunnies.
Step 3: Catch big fish.

So a fly that is too good to allow in competition, yet consists of less materials than you can count on one hand? We call that a winner. And winners get trout dinners. Or rather, they are trout dinner in this case. Check out the original double bunny pattern as tied by Scott Sanchez and then get creative yourself, and you’ll find yourself netting more fish next season.


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