Devil’s Gold

Like a gleaming yellow king salmon, with line-stripping speed and acrobatics like a rainbow, there’s no denying the Dorado is a hell of a gamefish. For most of us, this vacation will stay virtual forever, but for a lucky few, there is gold in the rivers of Argentina and Bolivia. The Dorado are one of the greatest freshwater fish that can be experienced on a fly rod by all accounts. Local anglers have long mined the gold from these waters, which range from 5 to 50 pounds. The new surge of popularity among fly-in anglers can be traced back to Grant Whiswell’s 2010 Fly Fishing Film Festival entry, “Devil’s Gold,” which features the Tsimane Lodge which is nestled in remote territory of Bolivia, where the upper Amazon is braided through the Andes mountains. Just how far out is the Tsimane territory? Many modern maps still refer to it as indigenous jungle. But this fish is worth the trip, anglers say. Heck it even comes with a cool Dora the Explorer ready spanish name: “los tigres del rio.”

Getting there ain’t cheap, and it ain’t easy. But what is waiting is worth it for some. Acrobatics, explosive shows of strength, and rod-breaking runs are the norm with a Dorado. For now, this one might have to stay virtual, but there are plenty of thrills to be had in a virtual vacation for Dorado, and no better place to start with the film Devil’s Gold itself.


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