Christmas Island Bonefish

If you’re in western Montana right now, you know snow. In town avalancheslost skiers at Snowbowl, and digging out your rigs from windblown snowbanks. I guess the third ain’t so bad, considering the options.

The winter weather has people staying indoors for the most part, which for bugslingers means a vise isn’t too far from reach. When YouTube tutorials have lost their luster, and you’ve spent enough time getting blown around outside, the climate in Christmas Island in the South Pacific might suit your virtual vacation needs.

In 1982, this huge coral atoll became ground zero for salt water fly fishermen’s minds, and sparked the surge in bonefishing around the world. Gin-clear, shallow flats and prolific fish populations made this island the focal point of the bonefish revolution, and over time it has suffered because of it’s popularity. But Kiritimati is on the rebound, and there are few places in the western hemisphere that have it’s legendary status. Sure, there are plenty of other hotspots for bonefish these days, and as such Christmas Island has been put on the back burner for those privileged few anglers that can make frequent trips to salt. But for a virtual vacation, let’s give it up for the place that put bonefishing on the map, and take a quick jaunt to Christmas Island before the next winter storm buries the boat trailer again. This video is a bit on the mellow/dramatic side, but it is worth a look for the stunning visuals and is a great beginning to your bonefishing YouTube trek. When dreaming of bonefish, there’s no better place to start than the place that started it all.


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