Fish, Point, Shoot.

Fly fishing filmmaking has come a long way from the old VHS tapes you could find in the discount bins at the big box outdoors stores, filled with old guys in khaki droning into windblown microphones. These days filmmakers have picked up some great tricks, and are cranking out beautiful work. The advent of affordable professional quality film and editing equipment has sparked a revolution, and off-season anglers living vicariously though the lenses of GoPros everywhere. These days there are more cameras on the water than rods, a trend that shows little sign of slowing.

The Frontside Fly guys know how to have a good time to some alt-folk hipster tunes.
Photo courtesy of

That said, most of the new dogs still haven’t seen past the old tricks. Tired narratives are the norm, and a viewer of enough of them can close their eyes and call out the shots for most of these YouTube and Vimeo offerings. Let’s do the list: Deep, trendy alt-folk music. Slow motion of dudes in truck. Half-drunk fish philosophy talk. Closeup of knot being tied. Slow motion of wadered-up legs walking toward river. Time lapse of sun over mountains. Bad casting. Great fish. Grip and grin. But they still do the trick- a little fishing goes a long way.
Good stuff, these videos, and we’ve all filled an afternoon falling into a YouTube hole watching them. But the great stuff really stands out, and if you’re not standing out you’re standing in line. Here’s a video that has all the aforementioned aspects, but brings a new flavor as well. Fledgling fly-fishing filmographers, take note! Fresh takes always welcome.

Backsidefly – 2014 from Stefan Ågren on Vimeo.

Now, about those old discount VHS tapes and DVDs: pick a few up sometime. Most of the professional productions, even if they are well dated, will provide you with new perspectives on angling. Most of the folks featured in the older professional productions are legends of the sport, and its not unlikely that you’ll pick up more in the span of their jazz-filled offerings than in a day of aimless YouTube surfing. The skintight neoprene waders and overstuffed vests are worth a look on their own.


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