Tuesday Tutorial: Foam Extended Body CDC Bullethead Skwala

If skwala is on your mind when you step to the vise lately, then you would do well to check this tutorial out from Missoula on the Fly that has two features that make for great skwala patterns: extended bodies and CDC wings. Extended bodies can add segmenting that will help make your flies look more like the naturals while a CDC wing helps the fly ride low in the water, like a struggling little olive stonefly. Perfect. And a bonus bullethead. This pattern uses some great techniques that make for a longer fishing, visible fly without adding bulk. Bulky skwala flies will work at the beginning of the skwala hatch, when big fish are crowding out the juveniles in feed lanes, but later in the hatch slimming things down does the trick to match the ovipositing females. The black highlighter on the tail gives this fly an egg sack that will do the job nicely. Try this fly out for some fun with extended bodies, and pick up a new pattern for that stonefly box.


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