Tuesday Tutorial: Foam Wing October Caddis

Who doesn’t like tying big dries? October Caddis definitely fall in this category, with a size 12 hook being on the small side of the spectrum. A size 8 orange stimulator is a favorite pattern to carry in the fall, though there are some great specific flies out there, and a good october caddis imitation is going to get eats.

A while back one fall I was shuttling guide rigs on the Blackfoot river, and managed to get stranded at Whittaker Bridge, a popular spot midway up the recreation corridor. While I waited for a ride out, I watched a trio of guide boats fish the same pool in different fashions as they came around the last riverbed before the takeout. Though an angler from each of the boats caught fish, the last boat knocked ’em good. The third boat reached the pool just as the sun dipped behind the canyon, and from the bridge I could see the anglers flies skittering over the water.

I bummed one from the guide on the way out and caught up with my shuttle crew. When we got back to nine mile prairie we grabbed our rods and waded down the bank. We fished orange caddis and stimulators until we couldn’t see the flies anymore, and caught fish the whole time.

Big october caddis in the fall is worth tying up a few of this pattern, and as always Curtis Fry nails the tutorial, making following along and tying some of your own easy. Get after it with this pattern if you’re looking for a break from the spring bugs and plan ahead for some awesome fall fishing.


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