Local Knowledge

It’s the ages old advice, but there really is no substitute for local knowledge. With the good weather at the tail end of last week, there were plenty of boats and anglers on the Bitterroot with mixed reports. Maybe those who ended the day with empty nets should’ve checked with the boys in this video for a little whats what about the river. FWP was out with their binoculars checking licenses, boat launches were full of rigs, and a little knowledge goes a long way in the early season. Water temps were nearing 40 degrees, which moves some big bugs underwater. A stop in to your local fly shop this time of year will keep you ready for when the time is right. Hank and his crew might not be the best advice around, but a stop into a local shop to find out what is going on, to buy some of the hot fly or just to get the number for the shuttle guy is always a good idea. And if you’re in Missoula, chances are you’ll run into a few of these guys. Lucky for you, they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the river.


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