Throwback Thursday: Foam is Home

March has been good to western Montana. So good, it seems a shame to throwback any further. Great pre-runoff spring fishing has been popping off everywhere from Rock Creek to Darby and everywhere in between, with some adventurous guides already fishing the upper Blackfoot. Reports are good, bugs are there, and the long winter has taken a short respite. Sure, we’ve got the occasional snow squall and arctic blast to deal with on the water, and the snow is heavy today, but when the fishing is good those things seem to matter a whole lot less. On the lower Clark Fork this week, anglers were treated to sunny skies, empty boat ramps and the kind of swirling foam line fishing that the lower Clark Fork is famous for. There are plenty of big fish on the lower Clark Fork taking advantage of the rolling bug buffet tray of it’s back eddy offerings. Here’s to early dry fly fishing and a #tbt filled with those lovely bubble lines that we call home.

There be gold in that there foam line. Or at least a fat rainbow.

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