Throwback Thursday: Hank at the Hatch

For many western Montana guides, today is just another working day on the water. But for 500 guides from across the country, today is the kickoff of the Orvis Guide Rendezvous 2014 in downtown Missoula. Though the rendezvous is a great place to get all your networking done in one place, find out what Orvis has lined up for us this year and down a few cold ones with old friends, the real highlight of the event is the public festival that wraps up the weekend, “Down the Hatch”. Where else can you see a drift boat full of beer, sample the new Orvis glass rod and get some real fishing tips from Hank Patterson all in one place? This year the “drift boat piñata” is sure to either excite or injure, as they plan to drop a skiff full of freebies from a crane thirty feet up in the air. Here’s to Orvis bringing it all to Missoula, and a #tbt of ol’ Hank getting ready for a day on the water with guide “Montana Matt”, and good times on the water with Orvis.

Stretching is always more important than helping rig the boat. Trust Hank, he knows. Photo via



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