Throwback Thursday: It Ain’t All Bad

Runoff is upon us in western Montana, and the short window of stable flows now looks like I wish my bank account did – steady increases daily. Though I’m not stacking dollars, I’m not complaining. Sure, the rivers look like the next boat to come along should be that whacked out thing Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompas rode in, but the river’s bumps and drops of spring mean the long wait is over and the season is really underway. At least in a few days. If we’re lucky.

And hey, if you’re not tossing streamers into the murk and enjoying the sunshine, that’s you’re own damn fault. If there’s one thing us fly fishermen are good at, other than sitting at Charlie B’s drinking beer and bragging, it’s sitting at Charlie B’s and complaining.
So here’s a throwback shot that might get your head right. It wasn’t too long ago that getting in the river meant hopping your way through shelf ice, and the name of the game was hoping for a mid-afternoon midge hatch. So take heart, spring is here and it’s going to be one hell of a season. I have that from the highest sources, straight from the barstools of Charlie B’s, where out of work guides can be found spinning their bottle caps and spreading lies, grousing about the tips they’re missing out on. Take heart, river rats- the mud might be here now, but that is a damn sight better than this #tbt of Rock Creek just barely a month ago. Here’s to churning runoff flows, bright sunny days and cold nights and a #tbt that should help with the pain of saying goodbye to our dear friend, the skwala hatch 2014 and winter with it. It ain’t all bad.

Rock Creek sure looks a lot better covered in bugs than with snow.
Let’s be honest, it doesn’t look bad any time of the year.

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