Tuesday Tutorial: Tightline’s Caddis Emerger

The legendary Gary LaFontaine changed the way fly fishermen see caddis. For younger anglers, especially those in western Montana it might seem unthinkable that there was a time that fly fishermen considered the caddis as the least important bug on the water- a mere afterthought to the more important stoneflies and terrestrials, and nothing compared to the many species of mayflies that encompassed the majority of fly imitations in most angler’s boxes.

Thanks to Gary’s groundbreaking studies, caddis occupy their rightful place in flyboxes today, with the ubiquitous elk hair caddis a must-have. In LaFontaine’s opinion, a caddis emerger is even more important- and his version is considered a top ten fly by many western anglers. This tutorial from Tightline Video features all of the great instruction that their tutorials are known for, in a fly that is both easy to tie and big in trout-catching goodness. This emerger really comes alive underwater and the substitution of sheep’s wool for the usual synthetics is an interesting touch. Get a hook in the vice and spin one out!


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