Happy Sibling Day: Take ‘Em Fishing

I was going to caption this photo “My Idiot Brother”. But he’s a lawyer,
so I’m just going to imply that and not actually say it so he doesn’t sue me for all my riches.
Of which there are many.

Family and fishing go great together. Like Forrest and carrots. Or peas and Jenny. Hell with it – you get the point. This National Sibling Day, if you can get out with a brother or sister, do it. Sharing fishing with your family is a great way to spend some time enjoying the rivers because fish don’t live in ugly places. It’s been six years since my brother and I were able to fish together. Young lawyers in Boston don’t get too much time off, it seems. Here’s to some memories on the Missouri, and time on the water with the family. And shore lunch courtesy of the mighty mo.

Two idiots and a boat. Seems like a great idea.



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