High Water Tip: Blue Plate Special

Looks like I found Four Rivers next shuttle rig.
What does this have to do with high water? Shut up, no one was talking to you.

High water is a great time of year. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Sure, you shouldn’t try taking your new boat down those gnarly rapids, and it is a good idea to really know the water you plan on wading, but that shouldn’t stop you from the chance at a really big trout in the off-color stuff.

One technique that I call the “Blue Plate Special” really shines this time of year, when waters rise and fall and trout find new holds from high muddy banks and shelves of grass covered by water. These shelves mean easy pickings on lots of invertebrates. Worms, in particular, come off these shelves in higher water in great numbers and lots of big fish key in on them. Food comes off these shelves like orders go out of the kitchen at Paul’s Pancake Parlor, hence the name. Rig up your favorite baitfish imitation streamer, trail a worm by a foot or two of tippet and dead drift it over these grass shelves and into the plunges behind them and hold on.

For more in depth tips for high water, the Headhunters blog has an excellent post with tips a plenty, and a great video as well. Check it out and get into some fish in the rising stuff.


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