Off-Color Water, Big Streamer Attacks

The weather in western Montana is good enough these days that people are starting to think about putting the long underwear away for a while. Those people are called morons. Spring in Montana comes with the guarantee of sudden snowstorms and cold snaps that have a way of making sweaty crotch-pot cooking waders into icy tundras barren of all signs of life in a hurry.

Court Hadden will take skinny bull trout streamer eats over sweaty shuttle days anytime.

The action on all the local waters is heating up, and streamers are the name of the game for those targeting the big boys these days. Those with the eye for the BWOs and the skill to get a good emerger drift in the skinny stuff are hooking into nice fish as well.

All these up and down temperatures and water levels make for some great fishing, but its an off-color game that might have fish chasing big meat through the depths in the morning, and taking emergers in the frog water in the afternoon. What can we say? We love it. Don’t be afraid to toss the big meat, or the tiny bugs. Fish gotta eat and the time for fishing is now.


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