Bugs are here. So is the water.

Big water around these parts, with runoff kicking like an AC/DC riff loud and clear around the region. The muddy stuff is making the drive to the Missouri a more frequent one for area guides. Back channels and still waters are producing everywhere else. Did I mention back channels? The streamer guys are real happy in there some days, not so much on others. But a good drift always gets it done, and bobber watching has it’s good days if you can get it way down fast in the soft stuff.

Back channel love on the Yellowstone. This rainbow fell to a psycho prince deep in the slow stuff for Court Hadden.

Bugs? Yep we’ve been having a heck of a year. The skwala hatch was one of the longest in years, and the mud hasn’t slowed down the blue wing olives, drakes and midges. Runoff is upon us, but there is a general excitement about this years fishing prospects that goes well beyond the usual muck month anticipation, and a lot of that comes from the amount of insects we’re seeing on the water. Look for the drop, river chart watchers… It’s coming. Salmonflies by the end of the month? Shh. Let’s not jinx it.

Why is this grey drake chilling on my porch? I invited it back from the river to help paint it that’s why.
Runoff chores.



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