Wait for the Drop

In western Montana, spring runoff this year has more anglers waiting for the drop than a Skrillex show. The ups and downs of the flow charts in the spring are almost a thing of beauty- with Teton-like peaks whose valleys are worth waiting for. Though the clarity isn’t much to speak of, when the rivers are dropping the fishing has been there and the locals are loving it. Bitterroot? Yep. Rock Creek? Uh huh. Clark Fork? Damn skippy.

The Clark Fork above Bonner has had a facelift. Looks good from here.
Photo by Jordyn Erickson.
The usual runoff rules apply: deep nymphs and streamers, with occasional dry fly risers in the slow stuff. Evenings mean counting heads in the back sloughs on the Clark Fork.  Up Rock Creek, though you might see more moose than fish, reports are coming in of perfect spring weather and tight lines on it’s upper reaches. Caddis. Mayflies. Salmonflies soon? Shut your mouth. But get the orange dubbing out.
This river seems weird. Searching the slow stuff, panoramic view from the back seat on the lower Clark Fork. Photo by Jordyn Erickson.

2 thoughts on “Wait for the Drop”

  1. Dylan, nice blog! I didn't know you had one until Jayme mentioned it today and I wanted to check it out. I was able to find it after a couple different google searches. I had no idea there were so many Dylan Tuckers 🙂


  2. Thanks, Jordyn. There are a lot of us, we all get along and we all get a card at birth for a secret club no one but Dylan Tuckers can get into. It's great – they have free hot wings.


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