Friday Tutorial: Petite Sirloin Stonefly

They’re coming… Big summer stoneflies. A recent float on the upper Clark Fork around the mouth of Rock Creek revealed a hatch of stoneflies that goes otherwise unnoticed in between the fever of the skwala hatch, the high water of runoff and the arrival of the salmonflies. Ruddy brown, this variety, which isn’t as important as remembering this: stoneflies are always there, in one stage or another. But with summer comes the big stone hatches: the salmonflies and the golden stones. Though in this tutorial Cheech is tying this fly in skwala colors, it is a killer stonefly pattern that can be easily tweaked with some color changes. This fly might be more complicated than a chubby chernobyl or other foam fly, but the Rainey’s X-body does a great job of making it a whole lot easier. Get down to your local shop and pick some up, and come away from the vise with a fly that will impress all your friends on the river, and turn fish like a champ when the stoneflies are helicoptering overhead.


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