Still Chuggin’

The flowcharts have been gaining altitude, though yesterday saw a leveling and drop that is continuing today, which leaves many waiting for that third day for waters to clear a bit before tossing a line. If you’re eager to get swept away without watching “Gone with the Wind”, you’re welcome to don some rubberized fishin’ pants and wade the big rivers of western Montana, though there are quicker ways to get to the bottom of the Columbia river basin. In the meantime, the weather is good and the still waters are always a fun time.

Soon those low-hanging branches will be covered in salmon flies.
But right now, the only place you’re finding cheetos is at the Bonner Mall.

Local rivers are running high and wide, and the brown stuff is still pouring out of the mountains. Rock Creek is known locally as the last to blow out and the first to clear, but with hot weather followed by hot weather peppered with rain, we’re looking at other options as we wait for the stability  on this side of the hills. Have a safe memorial day weekend, and hit the still waters for some fun or get yourself to the big show on the Mo. You’ll find fish and a whole lot more.

Rock Creek around the Dalles is pushing a little water these days.



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