Clark Fork Closures

High water conditions on the Blackfoot, Bitterroot and Clark Fork rivers have forced Fish, Wildlife and Parks to restrict some fishing access sites and close others on all three rivers. Most recently, Kelly Island and Kona Bridge on the Clark Fork have been added to the list. For all the closed access sites, and river updates, visit and choose “restrictions and closures.” A recent stop at Harper’s Bridge fishing access downriver from Kelly Island and Kona Bridge looks like that access could be next on the list if the waters keep rising. Gotta love runoff.

There’s a boat ramp in there somewhere. The tree marks the end of it.

Though the splash and crash dudes are pumped on the whitewater, river fishing just ain’t happening well right now. The reports from the memorial day weekend lake extravaganzas are all coming back happy, and Smith river floaters are returning to town with smiles on their faces as well. The Mo crews are happy, with fish on all weekend long, and the fair weather fishermen are all happy as clams at the area stocker ponds. Now is a great time to hit the still water and tangle a few long lines in trees, and hook a few deep ones. Weather is good, bugs are there and the rivers can wait a bit.

In summer I like to park my truck under the shade of this tree while I load the boat. You know, right there in that rapid.

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