Tuesday Tutorial: Bloody Black Leech

With high water here for the weekend at least, many anglers in western Montana are looking for options on the western side of the divide to get a line wet. With world class choices like Rock Creek, the Blackfoot and the Bitterroot at your doorstep, it is easy to overlook all the still water fishing opportunities that are available in the region. During the peak of runoff, ponds and lakes are a sure thing. Armed with some simple flies and a good cast and you’ll find some fish. This tutorial from In The Riffle is a great simple fly that works great in the still stuff, but is still versatile enough to bust out on the rivers when they get back in shape. Simple and effective are the first criteria I look to fill when it comes to fly design, and this super-minimalist fly is as complex as it needs to get to imitate that “Stand by Me” standby, the nut-hugging leech. Or bloody black leech. You get the point. Whip a few off and toss them in the box, toss the box in the boat, and plunk into one of those Blackfoot drainage waters for a spell. You’ll come away happy.


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