Where Are You Fishing?

Rivers in western Montana are on the drop and clearing, and the boat launches that were ghost towns last month are starting to fill up with anglers on the water. Not everywhere is a safe or viable option, but the list is growing and reports are good. Grumbling guides tired of making the trip over the divide to the Missouri could take shorter drives for with some great streamer fishing on the Blackfoot. With the arrival of some big bugs on Rock Creek and great weather in store while we work through the last of this year’s big bump, things are shaping up nicely for a long, solid season on the freestones west of the divide. That said, the Mo is still fishing hot, hot, hot and the area’s lakes are producing some jaw-droppingly big fish as well. Given all the options that western Montana has to offer, the only question us guides will be asking this week is, “Where are you fishing?”

There’s still snow in those hills, but the runoff is stabilizing and we’re ready to roll out the red carpet.
(Caveat: we don’t have a red carpet, just a hell of a drift boat. But it will do.)



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