Clearing, Dropping, but no Waiting.

Waiting for the Blackfoot to come into shape can be maddening. But in only the best of ways. Not only is there the anticipation of the great fishing to come, but the river itself goes through such visually striking stages that it can’t be ignored. It isn’t only bighorn sheep that cause accidents on Highway 200 – a good amount of banged up cars come from the mesmerizing effects of the deep blue-green of the river on drivers. It’s hard not to gawk at the river as it winds it’s way through the canyons, no matter the season. But in the late days of runoff, the sights on the Blackfoot river are incredible.

Cable Car access is a foot high still. Which makes it perfect for parking the raft instead of the truck.
But these aren’t the late days of the runoff. The rivers still have some color to them and the Blackfoot is still a bit big for great fishing. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to give it a try on a perfect early summer day. The Blackfoot’s rocks and fishy pockets become a series of fun wave trains and runs in a raft, and ripping a streamer through eddys and soft edges is a blast. Chuck and duck fishing at river-running speed is a nice way to get your streamer cast dialed in, as long as you’re ok with knowing no fish is eating a fly going 50 mph past them, no matter how nicely it’s tied.
Ready for a ride? This guy held on just fine though the eddys. He’ll be back when the river greens up.
The Blackfoot has some clearing and dropping to do, but we aren’t waiting. Theres more to the rivers than just the fish, and the Blackfoot is one gorgeous girl. The Clearwater is giving up some fish, and the fever at Rock Creek is about to begin, so there’s plenty of fishing to be had in the region. We’ll see you on the Blackfoot very soon. Think green.
Blackfoot locals.



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