Big Orange on Rock Creek

Though it is still early days, the big bugs are out and doing their thing on Rock Creek, as this video from this morning’s outing shows. The hatch that will have western Montana anglers following the big bugs up Rock Creek is developing nicely. The high water isn’t stopping the salmonflies from finding the willows and banks and the trout are responding. Most of the fish we’re finding are keying in on the nymph in the soft edges and it’s still taking a lot of weight to get it into the deep holes, but if you can get the right drift down deep the fish are responding. It won’t be long before the focus becomes the top water dirty cheese sticks like the ones shown here. In simple terms: It’s on and popping on Rock Creek, and a guaranteed boat show on the weekend. When rivers get pressured, remember a little etiquette and a smile go a long way. Give each other some room on the river. Share a tip. Point someone toward the hole. It’ll come back to you. Now break out the big flies!


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