Mean and Green: Blackfoot Shaping Up

And just like that, the season is upon us. Boats are heading out to points all across the map here in western Montana, and the reports are coming back hot. Rock Creek is flowing high, but fishing the soft stuff is silly fun. The Missouri is good enough to keep folks heading over the divide all season long, and the upper Clark Fork is in great shape. What a ride the spring can be, but it is worth every minute that you’re on the river and our rods are staying rigged these days.

While the flows on the Blackfoot are still formidable, it is starting to take on that lovely green hue and the streamer fishing is coming on strong. Wait for the clarity, but for now the shelf and willow game on the Blackfoot is getting better daily. Of course, you might want to bring the big meat. This crayfish from the lower river was eight inches of chunky bottom-dwelling bull trout food.

Hiding out on the boat to avoid brown trout is a bad idea, crayfish.
That net brings a lot of those guys in on the lower Blackfoot.



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