Salmonfly Hatch Producing Great Fishing on Rock Creek

Rock Creek has salmonflies buzzing like black helicopters over an Los Angeles riot, and as many anglers tossing them to constitute a riot fly fishing style. Sure, there are lots of cars parked along the road, but there’s a whole lot of river.
There’s room for all out there, and we’re seeing lots of smiles and bent rods in the holes on the lower river as we drive up with the boats to float the upper sections. Rock Creek is some of the best wade-accessible fishing in the state, and the big orange bugs are hatching from top to bottom. With a short float window, we’re getting the boats in the water up there often and weekdays have been silly fun with no lines at the launch. Here’s a few shots of a launch earlier this week, where blue skies and bugs meet.
Dropping in. Rock Creek’s boat launches might be undeveloped, but the fishing is full on.
Just toss that thing anywhere. Wait, that’s my ride!


Big or small, fish eat ’em all. These salmonfly exoskeletons are made of chitin.
Thank you, Bill Nye the science guy.


This healthy little brown trout ate a worm bigger than his head.

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