Good Morning, Rock Creek

Rock Creek is it’s own ecosystem, and a beautiful one at that. Get out there and get hit in the neck by some big bugs and wave a stick over the water. The fishing season is in first gear across the region, with the Blackfoot fishing well subsurface, the upper Clark Fork running clear and fast, and the Bitterroot coming into shape as well. All choices are good choices, but there’s a lot to be said for wetting a line in Rock Creek this time of year.

This bridge is like a salmonfly sieve.
And a great place to see those that get knocked off gobbled by hungry trout.

The wading has gotten much easier as the flows come down on Rock Creek. Bugs in legion are something to see, and a good drift will get rewarded if you play close to the banks. The floating has shaped up nicely over the last few days, and boats are rolling all along the river. See you out there.

Never eat the Cheetos with antennae. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.



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