Upper Clark Fork Shapes Up

The upper Clark Fork is coming on strong these days, with lots of bugs and fish looking up early. Bug biomass seems high on the river, but who’s counting? Fish are eating and that’s all that matters. What a month June is shaping up to be for anglers in western Montana. The Blackfoot is seeing salmonflies mid-river. Steady flows and eager fish on the Bitterroot are keeping lines tight. Rock Creek has fish eating the big stuff on top from top to bottom. Add the upper Clark Fork to the mix, and you’ve got one great month to be fishing in Missoula.

Healthy browns in stained water is fine by me any day of the week. The Clark Fork above Missoula has it’s fair share of these bank dwellers.

The upper Clark Fork is often the last choice for Missoula locals, and I attribute that to the stigma that still exists from it’s dark days as a runoff from the mines upriver, and the toxic mining tailings that once made Bonner the perfect place to raise your Simpsons three-eyed fish. It may be early days, but the river has bounced back thanks to the hard work of those concerned locals that make up the Clark Fork Coalition, and the complete reconstruction that the Milltown dam site has gone through from superfund site to floatable, fishy water. Every season gets a little bit better, and by the looks of things this season the upper Clark Fork should be on your list.

Vibrant colors and healthy trout are becoming more and more frequent visitors to the net on the upper Clark Fork.



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