Dropping Water, Rising Trout

The rivers of western Montana are dropping into beautiful shape after a small rain bump last week, and the opening of the confluence of the Blackfoot and the Clark Fork for the first time in over 100 years has boats moving river system wide. The Blackfoot may be taking the brunt of the fishing pressure this week, but there are plenty of fish and enough river to handle it. The upper Clark Fork above Missoula has been turning on in a big way, and evenings on the lower Clark Fork are about to get silly with caddis and spinner falls. Streamers and nymphs are still working in the morning, risers on dry flies until dark. We’ve got it all – just don’t forget the sunscreen.
Summer fishing in Montana is here. With the top water game increasing daily, now is the time to get your Montana dream trip on the books! We’ve got great water levels for a long and steady season, and guides waiting to get you into fish.

Fish are looking up on the Blackfoot. Get the boat loaded.
This speckled brown trout was picked up just a few oar strokes from the boat ramp.



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