Hey, Just Put Those Planes Anywhere.

Yes, a few train cars derailed into the Clark Fork river near Alberton this weekend. Yes, they were carrying some Boeing plane fuselages. No, the town of Alberton will not be receiving any big paydays like the chlorine spill years back. But it ain’t all bad. Anglers and rafters in that lower section of the Clark Fork have been uploading some great footage of the wreck, and from what we can tell those things are providing some great cover for trout. Is the Clark Fork destined to the fate of the Bitterroot, where old rusted trucks and cars make up large sections of rip rap? Naw, FWP and work crews are hard at it removing the old planes right now. Is it effecting  the fishing? Sure, that can be your excuse next time you get skunked. “Woulda caught thirty big browns if it wasn’t for those damn airplane parts.” But the reality is that section of river is more suitable for whitewater rafting, and theres miles of river that still remain relatively airplane part free. Relatively. Enjoy this great footage some rafters got of the aftermath, and don’t let a few half-built airplanes ruin your fishing day!


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