Box Canyon Natives

Getting out ahead of the pack has it’s benefits when it comes to fishing the hot spots. This week on the Blackfoot the dry fly fishing has been picking up, though it still is anybody’s game depending on the day and any boat could be the lucky one. Knowing where the pressured fish are stacking up can mean tight lines when others are empty-handed. When push comes to shove and the pretty water isn’t producing, it takes a good cast in the tricky stuff to find where the big fish are hiding. Those crazy eddy lines are hard work, but sometimes they pay off big. Get out early, fish the tough stuff and hold on- these fish are hot!

When the big bugs are out on the big Blackfoot, a well placed fly can make all the difference. Jeff Martinides put the dry fly where it needed to be and fooled this beautiful native Cutthroat that nearly took his rod along with the fly.

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