Friday Tutorial: Dave’s Hopper

Hopper season is upon us in western Montana, and surely in your neck of the woods as well. Hot summer days, high grass banks and hungry fish mean terrestrials are on the menu in a big way. One of the all time great flies any time of the season is Dave’s Hopper. Even more so in the height of summer, when fish see all manner of big foam flies and hopper imitations. When fish are refusing the big foam, a Dave’s Hopper can sneak in there and get fish on the line. Great in bright sunlight, and an elegant tie as well. This tutorial from In The Riffle walks you through the process nicely. Don’t shy away from the spun hair head and don’t stress it if yours isn’t quite the prettiest fly in the box – it seems the more this fly gets chomped, the more fish take it. An ugly hair head still does what it should, which is trap air bubbles and give the fly some sneaky motion. Give this one a try next time you’re at the vice and get out there and “Throw da Hoppa!”


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