Ain’t She Pretty?

I’m talking about the boat of course. What a beauty – those fellas down at Clackacraft sure know what they’re doing. But as for the lady in the boat, she’s pretty ok too. Clearly she can fish, as frequent readers can surely agree. And she does a half-decent job of raising our two kids which is good, since I forgot to read the manual. Nine years ago this summer she made the foolish decision to get involved with me (due to her poor eyesight and low expectations) and boy does that make me happy. Here’s to my lovely better half, who has taken to fly fishing with a passion and owes me about $3,000 in guide trips this year. But I think I’ll let the bill slide just this once. Although you know how some people are a little cranky until their first cup of coffee in the morning? For this one, until that first cutthroat trout is in the net you better tread lightly. Lucky for her in Montana that breakfast order doesn’t take long.

Cutthroats make my better half Jayme Erickson smile, which is good because they cost a whole lot less than diamonds.

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