Friday Tutorial: The Hollywood Hopper

The Hollywood Hopper flat out catches fish, and it’s damn sexy to boot. Sidled up to the bar next to a live hopper, it would be hearing pickup lines all night. And though it looks like a complicated tie, it is relatively easy if you follow this great tutorial by Juan Ramirez. What makes the Hollywood Hopper such a great hopper pattern for August in Montana? It lands on the water with an audible splat, drifts low in the surface film and responds to a rod twitch like a tweaked out dancer at Burning Man. In the past week, this pattern has turned fish for beginners from my boat and landed some bank-lurking browns for more experienced anglers. When it comes to hoppers, you can never have too many for late summer in Montana. This pattern is the kind that impresses when you pull it from the box and can roll big fish inches from the bank. Tie some up, toss them to the edges, and hold on.


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