Get In Early

As the heat runs into the high 90s this week, it’s time to set the alarm early and get moving before the heat of the day moves fish into a holding pattern. We’re finding fish in the heat, but there is a definite slow down as the water temps hit their highs. The spruce moths on the Blackfoot are reaching full-blown hatch levels and are an excellent play throughout the heat if you can’t get out early, and a late afternoon start is a good way to beat the heat as well. Starting late means fishing will progressively get better as the evening goes on, though the evening hatches have their own hazards on the weekends with lots of fun floaters. Give them space, don’t let it get you down and remember that the fish see boats all day every day. They still gotta eat. Hoppers and spruce moths, hoppers and spruce moths. When fishing big hoppers an audible splat on the water is a good thing. So is a twitch in the drift. If it sinks, no problem – so do the naturals. Get them in tight to the banks and let it ride. Spruce moths can be imitated with an tan elk hair caddis or a more specific pattern, but fishing them requires a bit more patience. A good drift with a bit of flutter will be rewarded. Beat that heat and get the gear in the truck!

An early start this week beat the crowds and helped land this cutthroat double on the lower Blackfoot. Jayme Erickson and Travis Bradford know the hopper game: splat, twitch, drift…Set!


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