Clark Fork Sunburns

The lower Clark Fork has sun issues, which is better than daddy issues, money issues, and a whole lot of other issues that could be worse. Sure, the lower Clark can be bang up good fun on a cloudy day, but a blazing sun straight down on the river can cause sunburn and angler frustration. When the tough gets tougher, the tough go down under. A bit of nymphing rung the bell on some fish today for our clients, and the pike hunting in the bank sloughs never gets old. We’re on the Blackfoot tomorrow, and keeping our options open for the day after. We’re not counting the lower Clark Fork out, no matter what the glare on the water may bring. Here’s a quick tip: when the sun forces fish into the depths, hit the seams hard with the nymph rig. They’re in there, and they eat. Make it happen, fish ’em up, and bring your sunscreen.

Client Robert F. stuck with it on the lower Clark Fork today, and stuck this rainbow in a mid-river crease like he knew what he was doing. The sun might get the fish down, but that doesn’t mean it has to get us down!


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