Wait For It…

There are those moments when we’re angling that the anticipation alone makes us miss fish. We rip the fly out of their mouths, we take one more false cast and tangle, we set it on the water and immediately start casting for that “better” drift. All of these situations are easily remedied with a bit of simple advice: slow down. Let ’em eat. Let it ride. Wait for it. Good enough gets fish. Ugly casts catch fish. Internalizing this advice and incorporating it into our fishing is the hard part. When things go well and we remember to slow down and wait for the fish to come, good things happen. Robert Forcum spent two days in my boat this week, and can get the fly where it needs to be, but we had some frustration at the slow-eating big fish that wouldn’t play nice. When he found his rhythm and when it clicked for him, he banged them fish up real good. Here’s to letting that fly ride, and sticking fish with a smile on your face!

This canyon-dwelling cutthroat came up from the depths to eat a well-drifted chernobyl ant.
Robert resisted the urge to yank the fly before it went under, and his wait paid off in some real weight.
Big cutts on the dry… I think Robert found his happy place.

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