Quick Tip: Keep ‘Em Wet

Imagine for a minute you’re wrestling with Hulk Hogan. And he’s really going for it, like Hulkamania style. When he’s finally pinned you, what does he do? He holds you underwater for a few minutes while he dislodges his elbow from your windpipe. No big deal, right? Well, we do it to fish every day. We fight them into submission, net them, and hold them out of the water while we free our fly from their mouths. 

Want to reduce fish mortality in the heat of summer? Keep ’em wet. Once landed, keep a fish in the water as much as possible. Hold the net at water level, keep them breathing and let them catch their breath. Hulk Hogan would do it for you, brother. You know he would. 
This fish is ready for a quick grip and grin. Wet and happy.

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