Tuesday Tutorial: Trico Spinner

Like big rainbows on small flies? Chances are you’re on the lower Clark Fork with this pattern in hand at some point this week. A trico spinner over those big pods of fish make the dry fly freaks salivate, and for those of us that prefer the 20″ fish on a size 20 fly to the monster on the meat, its about time to get those 7X tippet spools spinning. This is another great tutorial from Tightline, and the resulting fly is deadly in the fall in western Montana. Tying tiny flies can be intimidating for many tiers, but with good lighting and maybe some magnifiers for those tired eyes (nobody around here is calling you old, we all should have a pair handy) the smaller patterns will come off the vise looking clean and fish-ready. I find that the final steps are crucial to the survival rate of these flies. If you’re prone to tying sloppy half-hitches, now is the time to make those final wraps tight and neat. Use a bodkin to apply a tiny drop of head cement, and clean out those eylets before you get nuts-deep in the stream where you’ll spend the next fifteen minutes cursing and fuming while you try shoving your barely there tippet through the gunned up eye. Yet another reason to tie your own: that 89 cent box store bullshit is tied by little fingers who could care less if it lasts a minute, let alone an afternoon on Henry’s Fork. The tiny flies can get torn up fast when fighting fish, so stock up and let them rip. Find the pods, tie them on and game on for the sight fishing dry fly freak.


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