Could It Be Fall?


After a weekend of cooler weather and great cloud cover, the sun is starting to peek out over the canyons again – though somehow it just feels more like fall all of a sudden. This year’s eager batch of freshman at the University of Montana are nervously checking classroom numbers to schedules, the rivers have cooled and bumped, and the fishing is as good as ever. School is back in session, which means weekdays of peace and harmony among river guides and trout bums on the Blackfoot and Clark Fork with very little fun-floating interference with the wade fishing. Weekends will still be busy out there. But as the tube hatch dwindles the locals come out to play, skipping their day jobs to get into some fall fish. Who doesn’t want to rip a streamer past a big fall run brown? Or toss a double dry rig to a pod of rainbows? Time to dust off the tiny box and sail some tricos, or keep rolling with the big stuff on top- they’re still eating it. Fleece and floatant- don’t forget to pack either one if you’re headed to the river in search of BWO eats and caddis drifts. Fall fishing might just be here for the week, and the rivers are wide open.


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