Tuesday Tutorial: Palomino Caddis

If you’re hitting the rivers after work in western Montana and you don’t have some caddis options in the box, you can just go home for the night. You might as pack it in and head for the couch. On the way don’t forget to kick yourself in the balls and eat microwave mac and cheese over the sink like the sad, sad little man you are. Caddis are essential for those waning hours of daylight in the fall, and when the old trusty Elk Hair stops getting the job done, the palomino caddis is a great fly to toss at finicky fish. This pattern tied by Clark “Cheech” Pierce at Fly Fish Food is one of my favorites for the evening hatches on the Clark Fork, where they work in all those little local holes that sit right on your next drive home from work. Get out there in the evenings and get dialed in, and watch fish flop to caddis patterns with abandon. Big Clark Fork rainbows are in your future, my friend. Get to the vise and tie this pattern up. Black, olive, orange and all shades in between will work. Don’t forget to give it a skate, and  hold on tight. Your dinner can wait.


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