Weekend Warriors: Pick Your Poison


Whatever your preferred method of fishing is, whether you like to toss dries, dunk nymphs or huck the meat around, you’ll have no trouble finding fish around Missoula this weekend. Tricos are still coming on, the hoppers are out in the afternoons, and fish are eating. Some of the best fishing of the year is going on right here and now in Missoula, and the weekend is looking like more of the same with cooler weather meaning comfortable fishing all day long. A little rain can’t do much but help the fishing this weekend- flows are stable and high enough for the hard boat in most places. Wading is good to great in the evenings on the lower Clark Fork, with single mayfly patterns picking off pods of rainbows as the sun sets. The usual in town spots might see some pressure with the new crop of outdoor-enthusiast college kids, but you can bet on the bars being full of college kids and the rivers full of locals, so things should be smooth from put in to take out, with risk of a tube hatch running low. I’d bet on the Bitteroot if you have to choose one river. The hopper dropper setup is working in the afternoons, but early and later your best bet is running tricos and an attractor. Dry fly fishing is on. Like real on. A size 16 adams, purple haze, or royal wulff with a size 18 pheasant tail dropper or size 18 RS2 would be my first rig on the water almost anywhere this time of year. Get out there and get into the fish, any way you like. Fall will fly by in no time, and the fishing is at it’s best.


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