Stop Smith River Mine

The fabled Smith river is one of Montana’s most coveted treasures. The blue ribbon trout water and unbelievable scenery of the Smith River Canyon is the stuff dreams are made of. So special is the Smith, even among the multitude of incredible fishing and floating waters that Montana has, that trips on the river are limited and permitted, doled out through an annual lottery that thousands of river rats enter every year. When early talk of the development of a massive copper mine on Sheep Creek in the Smith River drainage surfaced this spring, Montana’s river keepers sprang into action. In May, Tintina Resources, the mining company behind the proposed Black Butte Mine, withdrew their application – largely in part to the work of groups like Heathy Rivers Montana and Upper Missouri Waterkeeper. But that doesn’t mean the fight is over. The Smith River, and all of our blue ribbon water in Montana, needs advocates. They need you. Take the time to join your local chapter of Trout Unlimited, and lend your voice to the cause of cleaner water and healthy trout today.

You know what this picture is missing? Smog. Maybe a nice looking’ oil rig or a Billboard.  Yep, that’s what’s missing. The Smith River is worth protecting. 


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