Tuesday Tutorial: Brindle Chute

Want to get into some trout on the Bitterroot this fall? A handful of brindle chutes is a good place to start. This fly from the vise of Bitterroot legend Chuck Stranahan is so effective for the fall hecuba hatch, (and mahoganies for that matter) that the secret dubbing blend for this fly was a closely guarded secret for years. I still don’t know if my blend is exactly right, but it gets me into fish and my clients as well so I’ll stick with it. Mine varies from the blend used in this tutorial from Arrick’s Fly Shop, but this one will do nicely, and I ain’t giving my recipe up that easily. The method for tying this fly is no different than any of the “Parachute Adams” family of flies, but the deer hair tail and the rabbit fur and antron dubbing mix makes it a perfect match for those larger fall mayflies. Tied in tandem with a smaller mayfly dropper or trico dry from the back bend and you’re into fish. Hooking them with the small stuff is your problem. This fly is a staple in any Montana guide’s box this time of year, and should be in yours as well.


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