Gearing Up

Guess it’s that time of year again. The Patriots are headed to the Super Bowl, the ski resorts are in full swing, and the fly boxes are looking a little sparse for the spring. There’s no time like the present to get geared up for the fly fishing season, and I’m bringing the blog along with me. Got a little surprise this year from the state in the form of a hilarious boat sticker numbering mishap  – along with my tags for the year they managed to send me the number one tags as well, which I’m taking as an indication that I am number one in the Board of Outfitter’s hearts, and not an indication that they think I’m their first registered guide in Montana since the numbering system began.

License renewed, and apparently they love me at the home office. Wrong boat stickers on the left,  rightfully belonging to the first registered guide in Montana.

Of course, these stickers won’t be used on any of my boats, or anyone else’s. But the screw up did get spark my curiosity, and I’m on the casual hunt for information about the first guide in Montana, and as I find out more I’m sure I’ll be writing about it as well. For the time being, I’ve got about a thousand flies to tie and a new pup in the house ready to chew through my hackle saddles if I forget to clean up quick enough. Better get to it. For those of you who stuck through the content blackout on this blog through fall and early winter, there is more than enough content coming your way to get you through to runoff and lots of changes and additions in the wings. Some things to look forward to in the coming months: feature stories, how-tos, guide-eye-view accounts of the past season, new fly fishing fiction, and the obligatory pictures of the new boat dog. Come for the chips, stay for the dip. Let’s get after it and get ready for spring.


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